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Why Milkwood Law?

We have used the Milk Wood tree as our inspiration because it is symbolic of many of the values that have led us to offer this service.

Trees are symbols of life and renewal. They appear to be distinctly defined, but in fact they form part of an intricate web which stretches across time and space. We are part of that web.

Throughout human history, trees have been powerful symbols. There is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. Many mythological stories make reference to trees. The history of our families and past generations is captured by creating a family tree with its many branches reaching back in time. Not only do trees appear in many stories but they tell their own stories. Their stories are told by the rings in their wood. These rings let us see into the tree’s past showing us times of rainfall, drought, fire, of plenty and of struggle. Just like a tree we carry with us the stories that have shaped and given meaning to our lives.

At Milkwood Law we create a space for those stories to inform the important legal contracts in a person’s life, such as those for their relationship, marriage or what happens after they die.

The Milk Wood tree is an evergreen tree that lives for hundreds of years. Many were here long before us and many will be here long after we have gone – a tree for past and future generations.

The Milk Wood is indigenous to the coast of South Africa, especially the Cape and forms an ancient part of South Africa’s natural history. The southern-most indigenous forest in Africa is home to a Milk Wood tree that is estimated to be over 1000 years old. Milk Woods form part of a protective canopy which provides shelter from the elements. We see our Integrative Contracts as potentially providing similar protection to some of your most important relationships.

Cape Town has its own famous Milk Wood at Woodstock known as the Treaty Tree, which is estimated to be over 500 years old. Many of the images on our website are of this very tree.

The Milk Wood is rarely found with a straight trunk; rather, it tends to be gnarled and sprawling – like our own stories. These stories are often lost, especially when we die. Creating a values-based Legal Will, with the possible addition of an Ethical Will, can preserve your stories for future generations, adding substance to the branches of your family tree.

The Milk Wood tree is sometimes called the tree of wholeness, which is the aim of integrative legal practice. Our goal is to create legal documents with integrity. The nurturing and supportive energy of the Milk Wood mirrors the way in which we have created our legal processes. Using our values-based approach, you can turn what is often a hollow and formalistic experience into something meaningful, whilst still creating a valid legal contract.