A Will is one of the most important documents that you will draw up. It is also a unilateral contract which embodies your particular instructions. Many people mistakenly believe that generating a Will cannot be creative. However, we have developed a unique process that offers:
Often people put off drawing up a Will because they find it difficult to confront their mortality. We acknowledge this resistance and provide a more expansive service consisting of:

An Ethical Will can be an opportunity to:

In this way of you can preserve your personal history and create a link between past and future generations.

Our integrative process involves:

We believe that this allows you an opportunity to create a Will which is a fuller expression of yourself. Drawing up a Will with experienced professionals in a safe and empathic environment can also be helpful for people who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

Our experience has taught us that clients find this process extremely valuable.

Fees: from: R5 500.00 (incl. VAT)

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